Martin Harris
דף כד: - פרק ה' עד דף לד. - סיום תמורה
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Dear Friends and Family, עמו"ש

I am very happy to associate with and support the superlative efforts of A TIME. In my experience this is a unique organisation for couples seeking fertility treatment even in cases that I have known that the consultant specialist fertility unit has given up all hope of success.

A TIME provides medical, financial, emotional and halachic support, to couples navigating the unpleasant byroads of infertility. With sensitivity and respect, they accompany many such pairs over the hurdles on their path, aiding and praying with them for positive outcomes.

The plan is a new Shas-a-thon. Torah learning is never a repeat performance, an echo, but always a vibrant, vital experience with far reaching effects, and I plan to be part of this year’s event on Sunday 8th November, כ"ו חשון תשע"וat the Hilton London Metropole, once again in aid of A TIME. Together with my fellow learners, scholars and laymen alike, we will achieve the pinnacle of a Siyum HaShas in one place on one day.

Our efforts at the Shas-a-thon help A TIME’s goals on the spiritual and financial fronts. I need your involvement to facilitate these accomplishments. Your sponsorship will make you a partner in the zechus of the learning and the zechus of the tremendous chessed done.

The kedusha and the achdus in such an undertaking are palpable and powerful. As a supporter, the bracha that resonates will be yours as much as mine. Thank you, on behalf of A TIME and myself, for opening your heart to our cause.

Thank you!


Martin Harris

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Family C
תמורה דף כ"ה
31/03/2016 13:08
17/11/2015 21:03

just to say Thank you for being such a good SHLIACH ....

Many healthy years to you & yours.

Judith and mark Frazer
03/11/2015 09:52

Good luck! A fab charity- lots of love Judith, mark, Adina, avidan and zev xx

Field Scope
31/03/2016 13:08
Mrs Helene Littlestone
04/11/2015 21:38

Happy to support

David and Nathalie Pannick
03/11/2015 07:30
07/11/2015 21:30
Noach Schwarts
04/11/2015 21:36
02/11/2015 06:42

Best wishes. 


02/11/2015 06:38
Gillian Kenny
31/03/2016 13:08
Y&E B.
04/11/2015 20:22

Dear Martin, I'm so pleased you joined the Shasathon.  Much hatzlocha for the learning.  I look forward to seeing you there iyH. 

B and D Caplin
08/11/2015 13:08
Shimon and Dina
08/11/2015 11:41
יוסף טייטלבוים
06/11/2015 13:05

ברכה והצלחה וסייעתא דשמיא

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